Reasonable adjustments

To provide full and equitable opportunity for participation in our studies, we will provide reasonable adjustments to remove or reduce a disadvantage related to neurodiversity, disability, or health condition.

Here are the reasonable adjustments for the focus group discussions:

  1. We will be offering two modes of participation, either in-person focus groups on the university campus, and online focus groups in a video conference room.
  2. We will share the ground rules verbally and as a written document.
  3. We will encourage participants to take breaks and to help themselves to food or drinks if needed
  4. If you choose to participate in the online focus groups, we will state the questions verbally and paste a written version of each question in the chat.
  5. For the online focus groups, we will allow participants to use assistive software to participate in the discussion.

This page will be regularly updated with specific reasonable adjustments for each study in this research project.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss these adjustments or require any further adjustments in order to participate in our studies.

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